A new challenge appeared after I graduated in 2010 as Master in the Chemistry. Looking for a job in industry or staying at the university and getting involved in an academic way of research. My natural curiosity and passion makes me to choose for a position as Phd student to get a closer insight into the organic reactions. The widespread connection between several domains (like spectroscopy, material science), the wide applicability (like drug design, polymer science, …) and the physical work into a lab environment are the main reasons of my choice for this subdomain.

Since 2011 am I working as Phd student in the group of Prof. Bert Maes (Organic synthesis) at the University of Antwerp. The main expertise in our group is the synthesis of heterocyclic scaffolds via transition metal catalyzed reactions. And this is also the field where my Phd project is situated. Individual research, enlarging my presentation skills, working in an international environment and getting involved in educational tasks (such as assisting practicals, giving exercise courses, assisting thesis students,…) are the challenging goals of the near future.

Besides my research and educational tasks, I'm also responsible for the IT support in our research group. Especially being the ELN-admin is one of my main tasks. Our electronic lab notebook (ELN) was introduced and configured only 4 years ago, at the moment it forms an essential part of the group functioning. As the ELN is the framework of our research group, not only the management of this system but also implementation of new features is very important to stay up to date.


A brief overview about my scholar career:

1986-1992: Born & raised in Geel (Belgium)

1992-1998: Primary education at "Vrije Basisschool Sint-Dimpna Geel"

1998-2001: Secundary education at "Sint-Aloysius College Geel" (1th-2ed year: Moderne humaniora ; 3th year: Economy & Math)

2001-2004: Secundary education at "Sint-Dimpna College Geel" (4th year: Economy & Maths ; 5-6th year: Sciences & Math)

2004-2008: Bachelor studies at University of Antwerp: Chemistry

June 2008: Graduated as Bachelor in the chemistry (Thesis topics: Synthesis of 3-chloro-N-phenylpyridin-2-amines via a palladium catalyzed amination reaction / Separation and characterization of melphalan-adducts using a LC-MS device)

2008-2010: Master studies at University of Antwerp: Chemistry

June 2010: Graduated as Master in the chemistry (Thesis subject: Synthesis of metalated pyridazin-3(2H)-ones and their usage in cross-coupling reactions)

Since 2011: Phd Student with Prof. Bert Maes at the Department of Chemistry (Organic Synthesis), University of Antwerp

Current Work

A short overview of my recent scientific activities:

2-3/12/2010: 14th Sigma-Aldrich Organic Synthesis Meeting (Spa, Belgium)

March/2011: Mentor Bachelor Student (UA)

June/2011: Mentor Exchange Student (V.U. Amsterdam)

06/07/2011: Article published as coauthor: T. Verhelst, J. Maes, Z. Liu, S. Sergeyev and B.U.W. Maes, Journal of Organic Chemistry 2011, 76(16), 6670

12-14/09/2011: Poster Presentation @ Summerschool 'Homogenous Catalysis and Fine Chemicals' Antwerp

17/11/2011: Article published as coauthor: T. Verhelst, Z. Liu, J. Maes and B.U.W. Maes, Journal of Organic Chemistry 2011, doi: 10.1021/jo201587j

1-2/12/2011: Poster Presentation @ 15th Sigma-Aldrich Organic Synthesis Meeting (Spa, Belgium)

March/2012: Mentor Bachelor Student (UA)

Feb-June/2012: Mentor Master Student (UA)

Feb-June/2013: Mentor Bachelor Student (UA-KDG)

03/06/2013: Article published as coauthor: J. Maes, T.R.M. Rauws and B.U.W. Maes, Chem. Eur. J. 2013, 19(28), 9137

28/07/2013: Oral presentation @ ISMA3 Conference Steam Boat Springs (US)

01/08/2013: Poster Presentation @ OMCOS 17 Conference (Fort Collins, US)

01/12/2013: Poster Presentation @ SIGMA ALDRICH Organic Symposium 17 (Spa, BE)

13/07/2014: Poster Presentation @ BOSS 14 Conference (Louvain-La-Neuve, BE)

Name: J. Maes

Born: Geel (1986)

Location: Belgium

Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man. - Henry Adams